Who are we

We are travellers, we travel, we are philosophers , we talk, we are us – you and me. 

The idea of peopleandcafes came on our visit to Cafe Red, the first post on this blog. There are the two of us and maybe one of these days we will tell you more about ourselves. But peopleandcafes is about the finer things in life. Those moments of complete peace that you experience in creatively designed places with great coffee and filling food. It is about the books being read in these cafes, the stories being told, laughed at; the stories being heard and also about the stories untold.

coffee-and-cigarettes (1)

We already have a FB page where we do our best to tell the people living in our city as to what the best places to be are. We are slowly learning and growing, experimenting as to find out what will work in this mad-mad commercial world. All the places we suggest have been tried out, so the least we can guarantee you is a good experience, the rest is your karma.

If you have a cafe that you love, a cafe that knows your coffee and a cafe that lets you read your books and a cafe that has given you your friends, do let the world know. Email us the story of your cafe – peopleandcafes@gmail.com.




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