Love, that shit – Chandru Bhojwani

Only love can break your heart, sang Neil Young once. And in societies where the idea of love is prevalent nothing makes you feel alive like being in love or being out of it. In his book, Love, that Shit, Chandru Bhojwani touches upon the many behavioural aspects of human interactions which are results – direct and otherwise, of the notion of love. He speaks about the need of love and the things it makes us do. With a lot of contemporary cultural references sprinkled in the book here and there he maps out the evolving practices and mind-sets widespread in the city-societies today.

love that shit

The book is written in third person narrative and is a typical example of the catchy chapter titles which appeal to that section of the society facing first world problems of breaking up and moving on. All chapters are interconnected while at the same time they can be read independently. From finding someone to breaking up to moving on to dealing with the family, relatives, societal pressures and norms to drunk calling and texting, the author has covered almost all of today’s love practises.

Is this a book on the philosophy of love? It might as well be, as the author questions often throughout the book why is it that we do what we do? Why do men get attracted to inked bodies? Who is this ‘they’ that we often refer to in our everyday life? Why do we love the way we do? Why do we fear arranged marriage? And why are we so stuck up on the idea of the perfect mate?

This book will make you laugh, it will inadvertently make you nostalgic and more often than not it will make you think.  As you read the stories and quotes of the famous people of our times you will be remember the journey of your past and you will also be shown a glimpse of the future. This book will raise your awareness of modern love dynamics and perhaps it might help you find that perfect someone and give you, your happily ever after.

This book is written is by Chandru Bhojwani. Know the author more here. You can connect to him on facebook – his FB page.



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