Old Town Cafe, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

This story should be titled from Coffee NV to Old Town Cafe. We moved out today afternoon – it was rather pleasant today one could walk in the sun, to visit Coffee N V. It was nearby and it was really cheap. Also my friend was very fascinated by GPS on her very fancy phone ( she takes all the photographs) and so we were on the road staring at the screen while right in front of us was –

coffee_N V-4


And when we entered the gate this is what we found –



Yes the place was closed for renovation. Sigh. Atleast it was just 41 degrees and the air was fine. This is what the cafe looks like from the out side by the way –



They –



I dunno if the people are visible in this pic, but yes they said that the cafe would be done by the 15th of this month and we are going to visit it again because it looks nice, is little known and very light on the pockets.

Another search for nearby cafes on my friend’s fancy phone resulted in a long walk to another closed cafe, yes the Chocolate Room in Gautam Nagar is closed, has been for the past one year.

We finally ended up at the Old Town Cafe  and quickly ordered some tea and cake –



We were starving. The tea was good and the cupcake was too as good as it looked. A thumbs up for the decor-interior, the chairs, the cutlery and the menu. It is a small place and can hold only 10 people at a time. It is that secret place of yours you don’t tell your friends and keep to yourself for your book reading and teas.

Old Town Cafe is new, like most of the cafes in Shahpur Jat. It was opened about an year ago by Ms. Garima Bedi ( studied in the US and back, she manages this cafe among other things).

old_town_Cafe_shahpurjat-3 old_town_Cafe_shahpurjat-2 old_town_Cafe_shahpurjat-8 old_town_cafe old_town_Cafe_shahpurjat-1


They do not have a smoking area. They cater for high teas and other occasions. They are closed on Sundays and by 6 in the evening and they begin at 11. The air conditioning is very strong. It is beautiful place. It does have an Old Town feel to it.


Saajan and Komal work there. They were too shy to pose for us. We have Saajan who recently joined the establishment in the picture above with the owner’s mother.

Soon it was six and time to leave, the bill was paid and a bill was forgotten on the table –


which was returned as soon as we stepped out of the cafe. That touched us.

The details of contact are – +91 9910070342 and 111, Shahpur Jat.





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