Cafe GTG, Shahpur Jat, India

of bonding with new friends and missing the old ones

Yesterday was utter madness and it has been crazy for sometime now and hence the delay in this post which should have been here yesterday –



Our photographer has headed home so cafe exploring was done with friends and the three of us met at –

exterior-of-cafe-qahwaAnd headed off to Cafe GTG. It is called Green the Gap and true to its name it is quite green. We had seen it the last time we were at Old Town Cafe. I wish I could tell you the story to this cafe but then there is so much happening in this place that I am going to get over the narcissism and talk about the place.

Firstly the decor. Simple, neat and detailed. One section is filled with books and very good books I must say –

cafe gtg_6 cafe gtg_7

National Geographic magazines are lying around on the tables and they have this big book of maps –


cafe gtg_5

The place is called Green the Gap. So yes it is full of eco friendly green stuff. There are hand made bags  and diaries –

cafe gtg_20

cafe gtg_1



Also there are recycled table mats –

cafe gtg_2 cafe gtg_3

But we certainly were surprised at this wallet made out of tyre –

cafe gtg_4

It felt pretty good and looked very good too. A nod for innovation and recycling. Good stuff. And not that expensive.

The food too was good. The teas we recommend. The value for money is amazing and the menu diverse.

cafe gtg_17 cafe gtg_15

Cafe GTG is open from 11 am to 9 pm on all days except Sundays. Mr Felix is the good chef here, very good food he makes. He has been around for about two months now –

cafe gtg_10

The owners of GTG run an NGO called Sweccha. It is a quiet place with free wifi and good tea. A definite must visit.

After we stepped out from the heavenly AC into the humid Delhi heat while waiting our ride home we decided on the next cafe we would head out to soon –



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