Keshar Baug, somewhere in the Western Ghats

If you happen to drive to Bombay from one of the inner cities/towns of Maharashtra then you are bound to cross the Western Ghats.

I took a six hour drive from Aurangabad to Mumbai recently. Aurangabad is a colorful town with its share of multi-religious history. The town is on the way of becoming a city – there are malls and commercialized eateries along with cinema halls –



From the heat of the north the perpetual rainfall is  a bliss. It rains here all the time. Needless to say the drive was punctuated with showers. Driving on the grey roads between the green mountains covered in waterfalls was very relaxing.

If you drive down the Nashik road and take a turn for Goti somewhere before the ghats start  you will come across this place –




The place is a haven for travelers who decided to take the long road to Bombay. I will let the photographs speak more than my words –

keshar-baug-2 keshar-baug-3 keshar-baug-4 keshar-baug-5

They serve mainly south indian food and some regular snacks. The quality is fairly ok for a place right in the middle of nowhere.

If happen to cross the western ghats some day and you have read about this place do give it a visit.

Mumbai as we all know was fantastic, the trip was largely professional so we did not take that many pictures except of course  –


The above is the view from the Costa Coffee on Carter Road.  And the below when we got a little bit closer to the sea –




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