The immortal life of my growing self

People wish people could live forever. It would be great, it would like it is in the movies – freeze at the perfect age which differs given that you prefer vampire diaries or Dracula or twilight or Oscar Wilde – it would be the happily ever after forever.

source - internet
source – internet

Living forever and not aging is a very romantic notion but god forbid if you were alone like the Doctor without a time machine things could get pretty lonely. Attitude is everything and you could get all the degrees that you want and do all the jobs in the world but then the world would be growing and you would not, and who knows you could perhaps even suffer from every kind of psychological breakdown there ever is, was could be and still live forever.

Immortality would be the true test of an optimistic outlook and one of these days when I feel adventurous maybe I will toy with idea but growing up as I have has already been so intense that for the moment I think I would shy away from it.

Growing up in today’s culture amidst globalisation and the tools of technology with knowledge at my hands whenever I have expressed a curiosity has been an empowering experience.  For all those who have wanted to understand themselves and the world the thoughts of the great minds who have lived before us are within our reach. Do we mature faster because we live in a more connected society – the answer is rather subjective, but one can say for sure that the general awareness of people who are connected has indeed increased.

With all the marvels of medicine to help us live longer and with all that available ageless wisdom do people today have more substantial live than those before us? People should hope they could and they can hope if they are inquisitive by nature about the meaning of life at philosophical depths rather than being the urbane consumer of this modernized world.

I am modernization’s ultimate urbane child and I have grown up a little too fast. All of just 24 and having bathed in the reservoir of  myriad experiences I feel a little too old. My body is young but my eyes are old and people my age just cannot talk to me.

But then they say that age is just a number and now and then I find someone often older and sometimes younger who feel the way about things like I do. Who have aged like me in this strange strange time – a little too fast, a little too aware. It is all in the mind they say, they also say your life is what you make out it – and there are brilliant people all along the globe defying age and looking gorgeous, younger people who are inventing amazing things , older people who are refusing to change and also younger people refusing to think, wars are still being fought by old men and young men alike and in the middle of all this connected aware we are slowly aging, growing, learning and perhaps hopefully changing.

The immortal life of my growing self is a gift of the modern times, the immortal life is in my mind and no one can ever take it away.



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