Bayview Harbour Cafe – Colaba

Along the sea, in line with Hotel Taj, is the little known Hotel Strand. In the picture below, you see the Taj, the straight horizontal line, right at the end of it, on the left hand side is Hotel Strand and the cafe that I will be talking about in this post. But before that, a word about the Taj – this hotel is full of feels : ancient and royal, the architecture is similarly colonial, the setting is perfect. And they have the only Louis Vuitton shop in Mumbai.

Taj Hotel, Mumbai ( picture link )

Bayview Harbour Cafe, as the name suggests, offers a view of the bay. It is on the top-most floor of Hotel Strand. It is nothing as fancy as the Taj or one of those other places around it. It is a quiet neat place which serves beer and wine and decent food. The coffee is tolerable. It is open air, so that is good news for smokers. If you happen to go there during dusk time, this is what you will see –

View of the Bay from the roof-top cafe

Bayview Cafe is a quiet, little known, reasonably priced place to hang out in the southern part of Mumbai. And the sea looks simply breathtaking in the evenings. Go ahead, if you are in the southern part of the city, give it a try, have a beer, chill and talk about life.

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Thank you for reading.


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