Get your work reviewed

The written word is a glimpse into the mind of the writer. Some bleed, others create. They place their perspectives before the world and then they go back to their coffee.

coffee and ciggerates

When I review a work it is this perspective that I wish to understand and align with. I do not compare though I have to admit that relativity plays its role in my understanding of the book, like it does for the other things in my life. Comparing is for the prizes, I review to offer a perspective on the perspective.

So if you are an author – new and raw, I think it is fair assumption that the established ones would have their own words for their works, I will give you my words for yours. If you want me to review your work(book/blog/or anything else – any piece of art or perhaps a song) get it touch with me –

Coffee and Cigarettes Steve Coogan


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