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Bayview Harbour Cafe – Colaba

Along the sea, in line with Hotel Taj, is the little known Hotel Strand. In the picture below, you see the Taj, the straight horizontal line, right at the end of it, on the left hand side is Hotel Strand and the cafe that I will be talking about in this post. But before that, a word about the Taj – this hotel is full of feels : ancient and royal, the architecture is similarly colonial, the setting is perfect. And they have the only Louis Vuitton shop in Mumbai.

Taj Hotel, Mumbai ( picture link )

Bayview Harbour Cafe, as the name suggests, offers a view of the bay. It is on the top-most floor of Hotel Strand. It is nothing as fancy as the Taj or one of those other places around it. It is a quiet neat place which serves beer and wine and decent food. The coffee is tolerable. It is open air, so that is good news for smokers. If you happen to go there during dusk time, this is what you will see –

View of the Bay from the roof-top cafe

Bayview Cafe is a quiet, little known, reasonably priced place to hang out in the southern part of Mumbai. And the sea looks simply breathtaking in the evenings. Go ahead, if you are in the southern part of the city, give it a try, have a beer, chill and talk about life.

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Book Ur Dream, Hauz Khas Village

So we are back in delhi and so is Qahwa –



We have a new photographer on board, our previous brilliant photographer has shifted to Bangalore, once she is settled in there we shall be covering cafes of Bangalore too.

So it is raining in the city and me and my new companion headed off to look for a nice place to sit in and work. We had heard about Book Ur Dreams and thought it was time we checked it out ourselves.

Book Ur Dreams is a social networking cafe. The concept is simple – they let you rent the place as your office space. Also you can sit and work there, they serve you free coffee. It has a beautiful lake side view. And they also sell authentic jewelry and some recycled green products and some kickass posters too. The prices of the products are quite affordable. bookurdream bookurdream-cafe2 bookmydream-cafe

If you are interested in them here are their new rules –

bookurdream-cafe4The cafe took off in February this year. It was started by Vikas, Rashi and Anu. Mr. Dinesh works here and takes care of the young entrepreneurs and other creative individuals who visit the place –


At this point I am really impressed with our new photographer, maybe one of these days she could do many of mine too.

The place is open all days from 10:30am to 7:30 pm. Visit here to chill,relax and work. Small space, has a very nice feel to it and we absolutely love their social networking concept.  Here are the other details of the place –

Address – 20, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, India 110016.

Phone – +919540690002

Email –

website , their facebook page

K.u.K. Kaffeehaus, Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany

A very close friend of our brilliant photographer was at this Austrain Cafe recently and he likes it very much indeed – darmstadt-kuk-kaffeehaus

The food is as good as it looks –darmstadt-kuk-kaffeehaus-1 darmstadt-kuk-kaffeehaus-2

Below are the details  – 

Address – Im Carree 1

64283 Darmstadt, Hessen

Phone +49 6151 294902

Website –  website

Mon – Sat: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

If you been here do tell us about your experience in the comments below. 

Keshar Baug, somewhere in the Western Ghats

If you happen to drive to Bombay from one of the inner cities/towns of Maharashtra then you are bound to cross the Western Ghats.

I took a six hour drive from Aurangabad to Mumbai recently. Aurangabad is a colorful town with its share of multi-religious history. The town is on the way of becoming a city – there are malls and commercialized eateries along with cinema halls –



From the heat of the north the perpetual rainfall is  a bliss. It rains here all the time. Needless to say the drive was punctuated with showers. Driving on the grey roads between the green mountains covered in waterfalls was very relaxing.

If you drive down the Nashik road and take a turn for Goti somewhere before the ghats start  you will come across this place –




The place is a haven for travelers who decided to take the long road to Bombay. I will let the photographs speak more than my words –

keshar-baug-2 keshar-baug-3 keshar-baug-4 keshar-baug-5

They serve mainly south indian food and some regular snacks. The quality is fairly ok for a place right in the middle of nowhere.

If happen to cross the western ghats some day and you have read about this place do give it a visit.

Mumbai as we all know was fantastic, the trip was largely professional so we did not take that many pictures except of course  –


The above is the view from the Costa Coffee on Carter Road.  And the below when we got a little bit closer to the sea –



Cafe GTG, Shahpur Jat, India

of bonding with new friends and missing the old ones

Yesterday was utter madness and it has been crazy for sometime now and hence the delay in this post which should have been here yesterday –



Our photographer has headed home so cafe exploring was done with friends and the three of us met at –

exterior-of-cafe-qahwaAnd headed off to Cafe GTG. It is called Green the Gap and true to its name it is quite green. We had seen it the last time we were at Old Town Cafe. I wish I could tell you the story to this cafe but then there is so much happening in this place that I am going to get over the narcissism and talk about the place.

Firstly the decor. Simple, neat and detailed. One section is filled with books and very good books I must say –

cafe gtg_6 cafe gtg_7

National Geographic magazines are lying around on the tables and they have this big book of maps –


cafe gtg_5

The place is called Green the Gap. So yes it is full of eco friendly green stuff. There are hand made bags  and diaries –

cafe gtg_20

cafe gtg_1



Also there are recycled table mats –

cafe gtg_2 cafe gtg_3

But we certainly were surprised at this wallet made out of tyre –

cafe gtg_4

It felt pretty good and looked very good too. A nod for innovation and recycling. Good stuff. And not that expensive.

The food too was good. The teas we recommend. The value for money is amazing and the menu diverse.

cafe gtg_17 cafe gtg_15

Cafe GTG is open from 11 am to 9 pm on all days except Sundays. Mr Felix is the good chef here, very good food he makes. He has been around for about two months now –

cafe gtg_10

The owners of GTG run an NGO called Sweccha. It is a quiet place with free wifi and good tea. A definite must visit.

After we stepped out from the heavenly AC into the humid Delhi heat while waiting our ride home we decided on the next cafe we would head out to soon –


Old Town Cafe, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

This story should be titled from Coffee NV to Old Town Cafe. We moved out today afternoon – it was rather pleasant today one could walk in the sun, to visit Coffee N V. It was nearby and it was really cheap. Also my friend was very fascinated by GPS on her very fancy phone ( she takes all the photographs) and so we were on the road staring at the screen while right in front of us was –

coffee_N V-4


And when we entered the gate this is what we found –



Yes the place was closed for renovation. Sigh. Atleast it was just 41 degrees and the air was fine. This is what the cafe looks like from the out side by the way –



They –



I dunno if the people are visible in this pic, but yes they said that the cafe would be done by the 15th of this month and we are going to visit it again because it looks nice, is little known and very light on the pockets.

Another search for nearby cafes on my friend’s fancy phone resulted in a long walk to another closed cafe, yes the Chocolate Room in Gautam Nagar is closed, has been for the past one year.

We finally ended up at the Old Town Cafe  and quickly ordered some tea and cake –



We were starving. The tea was good and the cupcake was too as good as it looked. A thumbs up for the decor-interior, the chairs, the cutlery and the menu. It is a small place and can hold only 10 people at a time. It is that secret place of yours you don’t tell your friends and keep to yourself for your book reading and teas.

Old Town Cafe is new, like most of the cafes in Shahpur Jat. It was opened about an year ago by Ms. Garima Bedi ( studied in the US and back, she manages this cafe among other things).

old_town_Cafe_shahpurjat-3 old_town_Cafe_shahpurjat-2 old_town_Cafe_shahpurjat-8 old_town_cafe old_town_Cafe_shahpurjat-1


They do not have a smoking area. They cater for high teas and other occasions. They are closed on Sundays and by 6 in the evening and they begin at 11. The air conditioning is very strong. It is beautiful place. It does have an Old Town feel to it.


Saajan and Komal work there. They were too shy to pose for us. We have Saajan who recently joined the establishment in the picture above with the owner’s mother.

Soon it was six and time to leave, the bill was paid and a bill was forgotten on the table –


which was returned as soon as we stepped out of the cafe. That touched us.

The details of contact are – +91 9910070342 and 111, Shahpur Jat.




Cafe Evergreen, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

A few months ago I was travelling to Lucknow with two of friends – Michael and Malik

1925276_1382979031972271_680815045_n Michael Willia Haaf


We braved the sleeper class of the Indian Railways and reached Lucknow early in the morning. The good thing about small places in India untouched by too much modernisation is the air, it is so clean and pure and fresh. It is a welcome break from the concentrated sacrilegious air that we breathe in Delhi.

I remember it was March and it was still cold, but Lucknow being Lucknow was hot –


At the station the rickshaw drivers were all ready to exploit us because I was with two white men. After all the bargaining was done and after 3 hours of hotel hunting we ended up in a very rural hotel. And when I say rural, I mean rural.

The original plan was to go to Varanasi –


and then Bodhgaya, Bihar –


and then finally land in Kolkata, West Bengal –


But oh the heat and the mismanaged trip! I booked my bus tickets for the night and I was back to the safe environs of my urban city –



The trip back was eventful. We stopped by a lake and it was mahashivratri. The knowledgeable  readers would know what we did in a boat under the open sky. Oh my , it was beautiful. And in that dazed state of awareness, where everything was a slow blur I headed to the bus station and in the same state of daze I reached Delhi in the morning to have coffee at my favourite cafe –

qahwa (1)

Yes, I am indeed modernization’s urban child, no standards barred.

But this is the story of Evergreen Cafe, Kasol, the calmest place one can ever be at.

So after having my coffee, I decided it was time to move a level up in the experimental department, it was indeed time to head to the hills. A few more clicks on the net and  I had a ticket to Chandigarh and by 12 I was off to yet another city with clean air.

Chandigarh was beautiful and when it is said that this is a planned city of India probably the only planned city of the country, they are not wrong. Such planning and that too with such clean air. I was in love, again.


From Chandigarh a bus was taken to Buntar and by next morning we were in Kasol. It was raining, it was so far away from civilization, it was simply breath taking. All the voices in my head had gone.

By ten we were at Evergreen Cafe –



If you have been to Kasol the baba would have served you –


If you still have not been there well … I do not believe in destiny, but I do hope yours takes you there.


Cafe Red, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

This is what we were like yesterday in the unbearable delhi heat –



Braving the Delhi heat at around 3 in the afternoon –


We reached –



And –

cafe_red_4 cafe_red_3 cafe_red_2

laziness aside, this cafe lies in a corner and is hence naturally cool. Less people, videos actually synced with the music and great coffee. Avoid the teas. Everything else on the menu is good, both in quantity and quality. Doesn’t take much time for it to sink it that the inspiration comes from the hills and you can see it in the food and the service.

These are the people who make the numerous trips, up and down to feed the customers –


From right – Rahul, Govind and Prem. We were amazed at the sheer amount of energy they showed in this horrid summer. And the smiles never went away.

Cafe Red has been around for an year now. It is open all days of the week – 1100 to 2030 hours. The address is – 5G, Dada Jungi House, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi. And you can call them on – +91 8130078410.

And here is hoping soon Delhi will be like –