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Marine Drive on an Early Mumbai Morning

Below are different shots of Marine Drive, Chowpatty area, in early Mumbai mornings. I just love how beautiful the sea is. So beautiful.

Marine Drive Mumbai Chowpatty Marine Drive Mumbai Chowpatty Preeti Bhonsle ImagesMarine Drive Mumbai Chowpatty Preeti Bhonsle Images



Jonkoping – Stockholm – Alvesta, Sweden

I spent an exchange semester at the Jonkoping International Business School in Jonkoping Sweden in fall last year. It was a quiet beautiful time. Days were longer, the sun shined brighter, the air was colder. I took a flight from Mumbai to Delhi to Arlanda, Stockholm with two other students from IIMA. When we landed these guys ran into another student attending the International Marketing program at the same university. So, that night of 1st September 2017, four of us, boarded the Flixbus from Arlanda to Jonkoping. This was to be the start of my time in Europe.

Jonkoping is quaint. Sometimes it is colorless. At the time when this post is being written, unusually so. I met a 48 year old man on the way back to New Delhi, he lived in Nord, and he tells me that the temperature there is a negative 24 degrees. The woman I shared an apartment with regularly sends me pictures of snowfall. I did see snow in Russia, a first for me, but and thankfully so, I have not yet watched inches of snow. I was asked in a job interview if I would be willing to work in Alaska, I, invariably, laughed. No, I said, not a chance, it is too cold. I don’t like too cold. I think its restrictive. And depressing.

That’s me prepping up for the minus temperatures at the Yashwant Palace Market in New Delhi. Mink is a sin and it looked like sin. I finally settled for a Dolce and Gabbana coat.

The Airbnb that the two guys had booked in Jonkoping was well-equipped – huge TV, playstation etc, a complete kitchen, great balcony, candles and lights, Ikea furniture and sheets. Everything was within walking distance, that is one of the things I liked about my time there – one could walk for commuting purposes, it did spoil your hair and skin, but then it was doable, and sometimes you had to do it since you know, student on a budget. I walked for the first 10-12 days, then when I shifted to a permanent residence which was 6 kms away from college, I got a bus pass made. I would not have had I not got lost in a cemetery one morning when I had a 8 am class. At this point I did not have an active phone connection, free wifi sufficed. In fact, I purchased a call plan only when I started traveling post the completion of my study-term which ended on the 45th day in the country.


Nearby our college, there were lots of cafes. I took a liking to Wayne’s coffee. I spend a couple of evenings here with that stranger we had picked up at the airport. I also spend another evening here with a student-friend who had come visiting.

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Before I write about my time in Stockholm and then the 10 other countries I visited, below are some more pictures of Jonkoping –

Ellora Caves, Near Aurangabad, Maharastra

Yesterday afternoon was spend in the cold comfort of these stone caves. Ellora caves.

Ellora is an archaeological site, 29 km North-West of the city of Aurangabad in the Indian state of Maharashtra built by the Rashtrakuta dynasty. It is also known as Elapura(in the Rashtrakuta literature-Kannada). Well known for its monumental caves, Ellora is a World Heritage Site. Ellora represents the epitome of Indian rock-cut architecture. The 34 “caves” are actually structures excavated out of the vertical face of the Charanandri hills.


Wiki tells us that there are 34 caves. But our guide said that there were a total of sixty, 30 have been documented. He even showed us a few of the unlisted ones.


The caves have been built by people of the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religions. The main tourist attraction cave, the one in the picture above is called the Kailash Cave. In this cave, the walls on the eastern side tell the story of Ramyana and those on the Western Side speak of the warriors of the Mahabharata. The one below is from Ramyana –


ellora-caves-3 ellora-caves-2 ellora-caves-1

These caves are so huge, they are breathtaking. Do you know what I do when I walk down those stone corridors from 900 years ago? I touch the stone walls. And feel the history.


There was this prayer temple with perfect acoustics –


Here are the further details to help plan your travel better –
Charge – Rs. 10 per person (Indians and Citizens of SAARC and BIMSTEC Countries ), Rs. 250 per person (Foreigners) ,free entry for children below 15 years
Free still photography25 per camera video photography
Timings – All days of the week except Tuesday – 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Visit duration – 3 to 4 hours

You can request for more photographs by dropping a mail here – – free of charge and minus the watermark.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka

This stop was crazy. There were crocodiles – real big crocs- lazying in the water. It was scary – almost stopped my heart for a bit, for more than a bit. I was tempted, too tempted to touch them.


This one above has a foot missing. Quite sad. Just to let you know I have not zoomed in in the above picture. The boatman took us close enough to take these. He told us they are friendly though not tamed and have not attacked any one till date.

Bird Sanctuary Srirangapatna

Bird-Sanctuary- Srirangapatna-1 Bird-Sanctuary- Srirangapatna-3

To see a creature so large so close is an experience I would insist on. Besides traveling in South India is a pleasurable privilege. So if you put this on your list here are the further details – Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary also known as Pakshi Kashi of Karnataka is a Bird Sanctuary in the Mandya District of the state of Karnataka in India.

Address: Mandya, Karnataka 571427, Phone: 082322 24600

Sand Museum, Mysore

I took a crazy trip a few days back – 6 days, 4 airports and 72 hours on the road.In the middle of this trip I stopped at Mysore. Part of the deal was that I visit all the famous tourist attractions here, so after visiting the temples I headed to the Sand Museum. The name is very misleading, it really is not a museum. Just a couple of tents put together holding beautiful magnificent sand sculptures.

sand-museum-mysore sand-museum-mysore-1 sand-museum-mysore-2

sand-museum-mysore-3 sand-museum-mysore-5

If you are in the southern part of my country and if the weather permits then yes you can put this cute little place on your to-visit places. Here are the further details –

  1. Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum – Directions
  2. Address: Sree Sapthamathrukha Layout, KC Layout, Mysore, Karnataka 570010
  3. Phone:094482 73890
    Hours: Open All days  – 8:00 am – 6:30 pm

Taj Mahal, India – The white marble and the Blue river

It speaks of stories untold. Of the dreams un-lived. Of the many hearts broken. It speaks of yesteryears of grandeur , of leisure, of passions, of dreams, of ambition, of calm, of timelessness, of hope, of longing, of happiness,  of tears.

It speaks to you as you walk along its massive landscape scattered carelessly along the blue river. It speaks of the time gone by. A time when life was grand. A time when life was simple. A time when life was beautiful.

It takes away your thoughts and gives you its own. It makes you want to live the life that could have been, otherwise. It gives you time. It gives you space. A space for your life. A place for new thoughts.

It offers you beauty. It offers you peace. Sit and gaze at its splendour and it tells you that this is how life is to be – big, massive, great, beautiful, peaceful. Slowly it will whisper in your ears the many tales of wonder, slowly it will make you see the life you always wanted to see. It will give you dreams some of yours, a few of its own.

The white marble by the blue river, telling you its stories, listening to yours. It has heard your story. And now your story belongs to it. And it will speak of you to the many others…